It Chooses You

Things have been noticeably quiet around here, huh? I'm sorry, but the silence will linger for at least a few more days as life decided to throw me a whole lot of lemons. And all I want to do is throw them back, but when I do I just get more. So I'm sitting here, getting pounded with these lemons because they say it's good for you; that it'll thicken your skin. But I don't know about that. It hurts.

Aside from dealing with copious amounts of acidic fruit, I’ve been reading Miranda July’s It Chooses You. In the few short hours I've owned it, it's moved me. For those of you who don't know, the book is about Miranda's journey of meeting strangers through the PennySaver. Feeling inspired - and since I've been trolling Craigslist for an apartment for the past two weeks, anyway - I decided I'd keep an open mind and embrace the strange connections that could arise from such searching. Then yesterday I clicked on an ad that I couldn't close. No, really. That spinny beach ball appeared and the ad stared at me for a good five minutes before Safari gave in and shutdown. But then I found myself sifting through Craigslist just to find this particular ad again. For some reason, I had a strong desire to know this person. 

This person is a 62 year old retired forensic psychologist who lives in one of those historic mansions on Cheesman Park. With a front porch and a library and more bedrooms than one man needs. He's lived a lot of life, he's depicted the minds of criminals and he lives in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods I've ever seen. This man, I'm going to meet him in two hours. And I baked cookies just for the occasion.


  1. This sounds fascinating. What kind of cookies did you think a forensic psycholigist would like?
    Screw the thick skin. I hope the lemons turn into something yummy.

  2. i need to go get that book, and i hope your meeting goes well!

    one night, my boyfriend and our roommate posted an ad on craigslist for people to play apples to apples with...unfortunately we had a not-so-great experience. we hung out with her a few times, and it turned out that she wanted to steal my boy from me. we didn't hang out with her after that ;)

    but i imagine that you won't have to worry about any man friends being stolen by a 62 year old psychologist :) please post about what the experience was like for you!!

  3. oh no, lots of lemons getting thrown at you?? i hope you are ok. it's such a horrible feeling to have nothing go right :/

    on another note, the book sounds fascinating, and so does the 62 year old man. it's amazing to meet people that have so much knowledge to give. i look forward to hearing more ;) (and i hope things get better..)

  4. So happy to see you posting something. I have missed you. But the circumstances of your life might not be as good as I would hope for you. Sending you lots of love your way. Maybe we should have the sleepover tonight! I think we could use a good laugh...xo

  5. I'm sorry life has been one big lemon-hurling jerk to your recently. I know the feeling. Hang in there!

    I have to check out that book! It sounds amazing. Good luck with meeting your new retired forensic psychologist friend. I'm sure he's got lots of interesting stories to share!

  6. Good luck with your meeting, dear! I hope it goes wonderfully and that your life's bumpy road gets a bit smoother soon. Sending out positive vibes to you, enjoy your weekend!! <3

  7. Her writing is always so terrific; I know I must read this book.

  8. I'm a fan of Miranda July. And a fan of you. Sorry for the lemons--but I have a feeling you will be making "lemonade" with them quite soon.

    ps. Tell the forensic psychologist I would like to become part of his bookshelf. :)

    End transmission.